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V2.0 07/15/2023


In the digital age, the terrain of marketing has drastically evolved. Traditional marketing techniques have been replaced by dynamic, innovative strategies that drive customer engagement, loyalty, and, ultimately, business growth. Our vision lies at the heart of this transformation – a world where marketing is no longer about reaching an audience, but creating a seamless, immersive experience for consumers. As pioneers in the realm of digital marketing, we focus on three key aspects – Play-to-Earn (P2E) strategies, Non-Fungible Token (NFT) gift cards, and premium media services, all strengthened by the power of artificial intelligence.

The principle that guides our approach to marketing is simple – we believe in creating experiences, not just products. The digital revolution has opened up a world of opportunities for businesses to connect with their customers in ways that are meaningful, personal, and engaging. We have recognized these opportunities and leveraged them to create innovative solutions that transform the very idea of marketing.

Our Play-to-Earn strategy embraces the interactive world of gaming, a realm where users are more than mere spectators – they are active participants. By merging the playful, engaging elements of gaming with the serious business of marketing, we make customer interaction a rewarding, enjoyable experience.

Non-Fungible Token gift cards represent another facet of our innovative approach to marketing. The rise of blockchain technology has brought NFTs to the forefront of the digital landscape, offering unique, secure, and valuable digital assets. We have harnessed the potential of NFTs to create one-of-a-kind gift cards, adding an element of exclusivity and value to customer loyalty programs.

Our media services, equipped with the latest AI tools, help businesses engage their audience across various platforms and formats. We use cutting-edge AI algorithms to analyze user behavior, preferences, and trends, enabling us to craft highly targeted, impactful marketing strategies.

We invite you to join us as we delve deeper into the problems that modern businesses face in their marketing efforts, the innovative solutions we offer, the myriad benefits of these solutions, the technology that powers our strategies, and the dedicated team that drives our vision. Welcome to the new era of digital marketing.

The Problem

Navigating the terrain of contemporary business, specifically within the burgeoning plant medicine and cannabis sectors, presents unique challenges. At the nexus of these challenges lie two core problems that traditional marketing, banking, and digital platforms have yet to adequately address.

First and foremost, plant medicine companies face a hostile environment on traditional social media channels and digital advertising platforms. Despite growing acceptance and legalization of cannabis and other plant-based medicines in various regions worldwide, mainstream digital platforms have been slow to adapt. Companies in this sector are often subjected to arbitrary content restrictions, account suspensions, and, in some instances, complete bans. These limitations severely hamper their ability to reach potential customers, communicate the value and benefits of their products, and ultimately grow their business.

The second problem pertains to the financial side of these industries. Cannabis businesses, in particular, find themselves ostracized from traditional banking and merchant services due to the legal complexities surrounding the industry. Despite their legitimacy and contribution to the economy, these businesses are often unable to access fundamental banking services, secure loans, process payments efficiently, or manage their finances using conventional tools. This exclusion significantly inhibits their operational efficiency, financial stability, and growth potential.

In addition to these specific hurdles, plant medicine and cannabis companies grapple with broader issues prevalent in today’s business landscape. Conventional marketing techniques often fall short in the digital age, failing to provide the immersive, interactive experiences digitally-savvy consumers crave. Moreover, businesses find it increasingly challenging to secure customer loyalty in the face of abundant online choice and antiquated reward systems. Also, many struggle to leverage emerging technologies like blockchain, artificial intelligence, and gamification, despite their potential to revolutionize marketing strategies.

In sum, the central problem is a systemic one. The combination of industry-specific obstacles and broader digital marketing challenges creates a significant gap between what plant medicine and cannabis businesses need to thrive and the resources currently available to them. Bridging this gap is essential to foster a sustainable and inclusive ecosystem where these businesses can prosper.

The Solution

Addressing the challenges that plant medicine and cannabis companies face in today’s complex digital landscape requires an innovative, multi-pronged approach. We provide just that, through our comprehensive suite of marketing and payment solutions that not only target the unique problems of these industries but also enhance their potential for growth and success in the digital realm.

Our marketing solution is designed to sidestep the limitations imposed by traditional social media channels and digital advertising platforms. We offer a dedicated, industry-friendly environment for businesses to promote their products, educate consumers, and engage their audience without fear of arbitrary restrictions or punitive actions. To make marketing more engaging and rewarding for consumers, we incorporate innovative strategies such as Play-to-Earn (P2E) and Non-Fungible Token (NFT) gift cards. 

Our P2E strategies transform passive consumers into active participants, allowing them to interact with brands in an enjoyable, rewarding manner. By making marketing a game rather than a chore, we foster deeper customer engagement, loyalty, and ultimately, increased sales.

Through our unique NFT gift cards, we redefine the concept of customer rewards. Rather than generic, impersonal points or discounts, customers receive one-of-a-kind digital assets with inherent value. This innovative approach to loyalty programs appeals to the modern consumer’s desire for exclusive, memorable experiences and can significantly enhance customer retention.

On the financial front, we offer a solution to the banking and payment processing hurdles that cannabis businesses face. Our App-to-App ACH and crypto payment solutions provide a safe, efficient, and inclusive alternative to traditional banking services. Regardless of the legal complexities surrounding their industry, businesses can process payments, manage their finances, and even secure funding through our platform.

To harness the power of data for personalized marketing, we offer AI integrations that can analyze user behavior, preferences, and trends. This allows businesses to tailor their marketing strategies to resonate with their target audience, thus maximizing their marketing ROI. In addition, we’re building a thriving social community where businesses and consumers can connect, communicate, and collaborate. In this supportive ecosystem, businesses can foster customer relationships, and consumers can learn, explore, and make informed decisions about plant medicine and cannabis products.

The Benefits

Our innovative marketing and payment solutions deliver a plethora of benefits, each designed to address the unique challenges faced by plant medicine and cannabis businesses, and to optimize their potential for growth and success in the digital realm.

  1. Industry-Friendly Marketing Environment: The hostile digital landscape is no longer a hurdle. By offering a dedicated platform for these businesses, we provide an opportunity to freely promote products, educate potential consumers, and engage with their audience. The benefit is twofold: businesses gain a robust platform for growth, while consumers gain access to valuable, uncensored information about products that interest them.
  2. Play-to-Earn Strategies: Our P2E strategies take marketing to a new level, offering an interactive and enjoyable way for consumers to engage with brands. The result? Deeper customer engagement, improved brand loyalty, and increased conversion rates. Furthermore, P2E strategies can effectively attract younger, digitally-savvy demographics, opening up a vast potential market for businesses.
  3. Non-Fungible Token Gift Cards: NFT gift cards revolutionize traditional reward systems by offering unique digital assets that increase in value over time. This innovative approach can significantly boost customer loyalty, as consumers gain a tangible, valuable asset that appreciates over time. This element of exclusivity and long-term value can set businesses apart from competitors and attract a more loyal, engaged customer base.
  4. App-to-App ACH and Crypto Payment Solutions: By providing an inclusive alternative to traditional banking, we help businesses overcome the financial challenges associated with the plant medicine and cannabis industries. Businesses can securely process payments, manage their finances, and even secure loans through our platform. This facilitates smoother operations, improved cash flow management, and ultimately, a more stable and sustainable business model.
  5. Artificial Intelligence Integrations: Our AI tools provide invaluable insights into customer behavior, trends, and preferences. By leveraging these insights, businesses can personalize their marketing strategies, create more impactful content, and improve their marketing ROI. Furthermore, our AI tools can help businesses stay ahead of trends, ensuring they remain competitive in a rapidly evolving market.
  6. Thriving Social Community: Our social community offers a supportive ecosystem where businesses and consumers can connect and collaborate. For businesses, this community provides a platform to foster customer relationships and gain valuable feedback. For consumers, it offers a trusted space to learn, discuss, and make informed decisions about plant medicine and cannabis products. This vibrant community fosters a sense of belonging and trust, integral elements for the growth of any business.

In essence, our solutions offer a comprehensive package of benefits that can transform the way plant medicine and cannabis businesses operate, market, and grow. We provide the tools and platforms necessary for these businesses to not just survive but thrive in the digital landscape. By redefining the rules of engagement, marketing, and financial transactions, we empower these businesses to reach new heights of success and sustainability.

The Technology

Our innovative solutions are powered by a host of cutting-edge technologies, each meticulously chosen and integrated to offer the highest degree of functionality, security, and user-friendliness. These technologies combine to form the bedrock of our platform, driving the solutions we provide for the unique challenges faced by plant medicine and cannabis businesses.

  1. Blockchain Technology: At the heart of our platform lies the transformative potential of blockchain technology. Its decentralized nature makes it an ideal solution for our NFT gift cards and crypto payment system. The blockchain ensures that each NFT gift card is unique, verifiable, and secure. Meanwhile, our crypto payment system benefits from blockchain’s transparency and security, providing an alternative payment method that’s safe and efficient.
  2. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML): Our AI-powered tools use machine learning algorithms to analyze customer behavior and trends. This allows us to provide businesses with data-driven insights that can inform their marketing strategies. Furthermore, our AI tools can generate personalized content and product recommendations, fostering a highly tailored and engaging user experience.
  3. Payment Gateway Technology: Our App-to-App ACH solution leverages secure, reliable payment gateway technology. This enables businesses to process payments, manage finances, and even secure loans, all within the legal framework of their specific industry. By using advanced encryption and security measures, our payment gateway ensures that all transactions are carried out safely and efficiently.
  4. Gamification Technology: Our Play-to-Earn (P2E) strategies are driven by innovative gamification technology. By integrating gaming mechanics into our marketing platform, we transform how consumers engage with brands. This technology enables us to create immersive, interactive experiences that foster deep customer engagement and brand loyalty.
  5. Social Media Technology: The social community aspect of our platform is built on advanced social media technology. This enables real-time communication, content sharing, community building, and collaboration. The technology ensures a smooth, user-friendly experience that encourages active participation and engagement from both businesses and consumers.
  6. Cloud Computing: Our solutions are hosted on cloud-based servers, providing robust, scalable, and secure infrastructure. The use of cloud computing ensures our platform can handle high traffic volumes, provides seamless performance, and scales as needed to accommodate growth. Moreover, cloud computing enables us to offer 24/7 access to our platform, ensuring businesses and consumers can connect anytime, anywhere.

By synergizing these diverse technologies, we have created a platform that not only addresses the specific challenges faced by plant medicine and cannabis businesses but also offers them a plethora of opportunities to grow, engage, and succeed. It’s a testament to the transformative power of technology when used thoughtfully and innovatively.

The Team

GEMxAPP is a product of Sacred Space LLC, a rapidly growing technology company based in Oklahoma City, OK. The team behind GEMxAPP is a diverse and experienced group of professionals, including experts in AI, blockchain, marketing, and business development.

Discussion of how the team’s experience and expertise contribute to the success of the platform:

With a combined experience of over 45 years in the technology and healthcare industries, the GEMxAPP team brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the table. Their diverse backgrounds and expertise in technology, healthcare, and business strategy provide a strong foundation for the success of the platform. The team’s ability to bring innovative solutions to market quickly and efficiently, combined with their commitment to improving patient outcomes, makes them a valuable asset to the GEMxAPP project.

Explanation of the team’s vision for the future of GEMxAPP

The GEMxAPP team is committed to improving the lives of patients through technology. They believe that the GEMxAPP platform has the potential to revolutionize the healthcare industry by providing a secure, transparent, and accessible platform for marketing and payments. The team’s vision for the future of the platform is to continue to innovate and improve, creating new and better solutions to meet the changing needs of the healthcare industry. They are dedicated to creating a better future for patients and healthcare providers alike, and believe that GEMxAPP has the potential to make a real difference in people’s lives.

The GEMxAPP advisory board is composed of seasoned professionals in finance, law, accounting, and investment banking. Venu Reddy, a FINRA registered principal, will be engaged as a banker to help take the company public. Riley Mulinix, an attorney at Red Bud Law, brings expertise in business and corporate law. Jeffrey Wolf, a CPA, has a wealth of experience in accounting and finance. Brent Mills, Managing Director & General Counsel of MACCO, is a licensed attorney with over 30 years of experience in transactional, M&A, divestiture and investment banking, including debt restructuring and international business.

The GEMxAPP team is dedicated to delivering a cutting-edge platform that transforms the way businesses market and engage with customers. With a combination of advanced AI, blockchain, and a passion for innovation, the GEMxAPP team is poised to revolutionize the marketing and payments industries.

Introduction of the team behind GEMxAPP, including their expertise and experience

Wesley Cox, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, brings a wealth of experience in the technology. With over 20 years of experience, he has a proven track record of developing and executing successful business strategies. His expertise in developing innovative solutions and his ability to bring them to market quickly and efficiently makes him a valuable asset to the GEMxAPP team.

KP Mohan Chandran, Co-Founder and President. With over 25 years of experience in the healthcare industry, Mohan Chandran brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the project. He has a proven track record of success as the Executive Director of a global nonprofit organization, where he raised over 60 million dollars for its work for children. He is also the co-founder of Guardian RPM, an innovative telemedicine platform, and is actively involved in the startup ecosystem in Dallas, where he mentors various companies and assists new startups.

Dr. Amitabh Gumman, Co-Founder and Chief Medical Officer, is a highly respected physician with over 25 years of experience in the healthcare industry. He has a deep understanding of the challenges facing the healthcare industry and a passion for finding innovative solutions to improve patient outcomes. As a physician and healthcare leader, he brings a unique perspective to the GEMxAPP team and is committed to improving the lives of patients through technology.

Jose Muprappallil, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer, brings over 10 years of experience in healthcare management to the team. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Business/Commerce and a Master’s degree in Medical & Psychiatric Social Work, which have helped him to blend the medical and business aspects of healthcare. He is the Chief Operating Officer of Home Integration Inc., a non-profit organization working with kids and adults with disabilities, and has played a leading role in building Guardian Remote Patient Monitoring tele-medicine platform.

Dr. Mohanlal Syana, MBBS MS, is a medical professional with extensive experience in the global pharmaceutical industry and clinical research organizations. He holds an MS in Pharmaceutical Management and Operations from Birla Institute of Technology and Science and an MBBS from Andhra University. With over 25 years of experience in healthcare, Dr. Syana brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the GEMxAPP team, particularly in the areas of clinical drug development and operations, pharmacovigilance, medical affairs, and project and vendor management.


In an era marked by rapid technological progress and an evolving digital landscape, the challenges that plant medicine and cannabis businesses face are unique and complex. But where challenges abound, opportunities follow. With our suite of innovative solutions, we are redefining how these businesses operate, market, and grow, providing them the tools they need to not just survive but thrive in the digital era.

Our offerings are a thoughtful blend of groundbreaking technologies, all designed to address the specific pain points of plant medicine and cannabis companies. By creating an industry-friendly marketing environment, we are dismantling the barriers to reaching potential customers and spreading awareness about the value and benefits of their products.

Through our gamified marketing strategies, such as Play-to-Earn (P2E) and Non-Fungible Token (NFT) gift cards, we are revolutionizing customer engagement. Our strategies appeal to the modern consumer’s desire for interactivity and exclusivity, opening up vast potential for customer retention and brand loyalty.

Our innovative App-to-App ACH and crypto payment solutions provide these businesses with an inclusive, efficient, and secure alternative to traditional banking and payment services. We are enabling smoother operations, better financial management, and secure transactions, all critical for business growth and sustainability.

Our AI integrations allow for personalized, data-driven marketing, providing businesses with invaluable insights into customer behavior and trends. These tools help create more impactful marketing strategies and stay ahead of the competition.

Finally, our thriving social community provides a supportive space for businesses and consumers to connect, collaborate, and grow. It fosters trust, loyalty, and mutual growth, creating an inclusive ecosystem where businesses and consumers can thrive.

Our unique positioning strategy lies in this holistic approach. While many platforms focus on one or two aspects, we provide a comprehensive suite of solutions that tackle every facet of the challenges faced by these businesses. We believe that it’s this comprehensive, empathetic, and innovative approach that sets us apart.

In conclusion, our unique selling proposition is our commitment to empowering plant medicine and cannabis businesses. We are not just offering solutions; we are driving a revolution. A revolution that helps these businesses break free from their constraints, harness the power of cutting-edge technology, and unlock their true potential. Our goal is to create a world where these businesses are given the tools and opportunities they need to flourish, fostering a sustainable and inclusive future for the industry as a whole.

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