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Introducing our Social Community

A crypto-enabled social network and marketing platform to serve the cannabis, plant medicine and wellness community with innovative Play-to-Earn and creator economy opportunities for members and brands

Innovative Crypto Integrations

  • GEMxAPP offers a full social network platform without the extreme cannabis restrictions found on other platforms

  • Members will have the ability to freely post about cannabis without the risk of getting banned

  • We aim to be a favorable alternative to traditional social network platforms for our members who have become disenfranchised and disengaged from the incumbents that don’t offer any kind of P2E crypto-reward mechanisms

Social Features

GEMxAPP is a fully featured social network and crypto-enabled community dedicated to Plant Magic that facilitates meaningful connections between members and brands

Member Profiles

Everything in our community platform revolves around members. Customize your profile, make connections, share content & make posts.

Profile Timeline

This part of your profile will be a chronological archive of all of your posts and interactions. Scroll through others timeline to see their content and posts.

Activity Feeds

Global, personal, and group activity feeds with threaded commenting, direct posting, @mentions, and email notification support.

Private Messaging

Allows members to send private messages. Messages can be sent to one member or a group of members.

Member Connections

Allows members to make connections with one another and focus on those they care about most.


Upload photos, set access & privacy settings, organize them into albums, and share other members.

Questions & Answers

The structured Q&A system allows members to ask questions to the community and get answers, with the ability to vote up the best answers.

Event Publisher

Provides a way for members and brands to publish and promote community events, site-wide events, group-only and private events.

Social Groups

Members can organize themselves into public, private, or hidden social areas with separate activity feeds and member listings.

Member Benefits

GEMxAPP creates a safe and secure platform for our members through strict member authentication, powerful privacy settings and advanced third party personal data management tools

Safe Space

Providing a safe social network for cannabis enthusiasts and brands without the risks of being deplatformed, banned or harassed by bots and trolls

Member Authentication

Member verification KYC checks prevent financial fraud and keep the community members safe from scammers and spammers

Member Privacy

Strict privacy settings allow members the controls to have a public profile or to remain 100% anonymous behind a username

Personal Data Management

Store, manage (and revoke) your personal data shared with GEMxAPP at any time through the personal Data Vault powered by Meeco




Offering a social network platform dedicated to wellness and plant medicine without the extreme intolerance and restrictions found on other platforms. Members, Guides and Brands will be able to freely post and learn about cannabis, kratom and other plant medicines without the risk of getting banned or deplatformed.

Featuring innovative crypto-social integrations for the community powered by the blockchain such as crypto-enabled digital payments and game-changing P2E earning opportunities for members and brands.

GEMxAPP aims to become a favorable alternative to traditional social network platforms for our members who have become disenfranchised and disengaged from the incumbents because they don’t offer any kind of P2E crypto-reward mechanisms and instead harvest the value of the user’s engagement and data for the exclusive benefit of the inflation of their own advertising revenue streams.

Our community has two main groups of personal-use members:

(1) Traditional  Standard Members — users who are seeking to engage socially and to learn more about wellness, Medical Cannabis, Kratom, Ayurveda and other plant medicine therapies and

(2) Super User Maximalist Guides — experts who are ready, willing and able to share their knowledge and experience with plant medicine to help other members who are seeking guidance and information.

Guides and Members can build up reputation points the more they give back, by providing answers in the structured Community Q&A feature and contributing to the community.

We want our members to feel as if using our application is advantageous to them and a justifiable use of their valuable time by providing them with simple and easy ways to earn crypto micro-payments. Tokens which can be used to shop for products in our marketplace and in-store at participating dispensary retail partners.

The GEMxAPP Plant Magic community consists of three primary user groups:

Traditional Members

Build a personal profile, post content, make connections, join groups, ask questions in the Community Q&A System, join forums and earn P2E micro-payments.

Maximalist Guides

Super members with above average knowledge and experience with various aspects of plant-medicine and wellness such as Cannabis, Kratom and Ayurveda.


Any Business or Organization can set up a Brand Profile Page which functions similar to a Member Profile for personal use and participate in the Community or Marketplace.

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