In addition to the two types of personal user memberships, Members & Guides, we also offer Brand Profile Pages for businesses and organizations. Any Business, Brand or Organization that wishes to engage with the community can setup a Brand Profile Page on the site, which functions similar to a Member Profile for personal use.

Brand Profile Pages can use all of the standard functions of the site to make posts, create connections, participate in groups and forums and ask questions in the Q&A System. There are no requirements on which types of businesses, organizations or teams can set up a Brand Profile Page, there is no rule that these be related to the core themes of our app: Wellness, Cannabis, Kratom and Plant Medicine.

As a Cannabis-centric platform, we offer a facilitated multi-vendor marketplace for Cannabis Businesses and Brands. For officially licensed OMMA cannabis companies, we offer Verified Business Accounts which enable participation in the Cannabis Marketplace as well as the Cannabis P2E Program in addition to a backend business dashboard to manage their online store in the Marketplace, gain access to the B2B Wholesale Portal and P2E campaigns.

In order to become a Verified Business Account, the Brand owner must go through the same Deep KYC checks we perform for Verified Members in addition to additional checks to validate ownership status of the company and OMMA license status through our business verification application form with Know Your Business (KYB) validation checks performed by Acuant.

As a Verified Business Account you can create or claim a business listing in the marketplace directory and will be given access to the parts of the business app that are reserved exclusively for Verified Business Accounts.

Once verified, you can manage your storefront listing in the Marketplace Directory which will be tied together with your Brand Profile Page. You will be able to manage your teams access and invite other admins and members to manage your Brand Profile Page and Storefront listing in the Marketplace.

Using the business dashboard, Brands can manage their online storefront, configure API connections with their POS system, post Deals and Drops, add crypto-checkout options to their marketplace listing, shop and sell in the B2B Wholesale Portal and launch P2E Campaigns.

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