3D Digital Twin Services

Elevate Your Digital Footprint Step into the transformative era of digital representation with GEMxAPP’s 3D Digital Twin service. Craft an unmatched immersive experience, intertwining visual splendor with interactive engagement to supercharge your brand across the digital realm.

Service Overview

Dive into the revolutionary realm of digital immersion with GEMxAPP’s 3D Digital Twin service. This isn’t just a digital representation—it’s an interactive journey meticulously crafted to echo every nuance of your physical space. Whether you’re a boutique retailer aiming to showcase the unique ambience of your store, a specialized clinic wanting to comfort patients with a virtual tour of your state-of-the-art facilities, or a restaurant aiming to tempt patrons with a preview of your ambiance, this service goes beyond mere visualization.

Detailed Features Tailored for Your Brand

  • Deep, Seamless Exploration: Dive into a meticulously crafted realm of interconnected 360° photos, offering viewers a coherent and detailed traversal of your premises.

  • Holistic Integration with GEMxAPP: Augment your GEMxAPP profiles – both marketplace and community, with your 3D Digital Twin, crafting a richer, more immersive online profile.

  • Simplified Checkout Integrations: Blur the lines between browsing and purchasing. Enable potential clients to transition from virtual tours to checkout using integrated POS, ACH, or Cryptocurrency options seamlessly within the GEMxAPP ecosystem.

  • Optimized Google Presence: Strengthen and elevate your online visibility. Seamlessly extend Google Street View into your business, crafting a deeper, more detailed perspective for potential clients.

  • Interactive Media Enhancements: Enrich your virtual space with interactive hotspots, curated tours, and a direct bridge to Google Maps, guiding users through highlighted features or products.

Easy Access and Sharing

Delve into the unparalleled accessibility of our 3D Digital Twins. Beyond just visual depth and design, this tool bridges geographical divides, allowing users worldwide a virtual entrance to your space. Embed on your site, share via social channels, or integrate in email campaigns, and let your brand truly resonate on a global scale.

Embed it

Integrate the 3D Digital Twin directly into your business website, offering visitors an enriched site experience.

Hyperlink Sharing

Seamlessly share a direct link to your Digital Twin across all your social media platforms, email campaigns, or digital advertisements, captivating a broader audience.

Holistic Branding

Beyond the visual experience, it’s about forging a stronger connection with your audience, giving them a taste of what to expect and luring them to experience it firsthand.

A New Digital Era Enhance your branding efforts, capturing and retaining customer attention through cutting-edge digital showcases. With direct Google Business and Maps integration, you’re not just offering a virtual tour but optimizing your business’s discoverability and engagement parameters.

Extended Benefits

  • Unparalleled Software Experience: Dive into a realm of digital exploration, free from software burdens or tech hassles.

  • Adaptable Pricing Structures: Our packages are built to accommodate, with exclusive deals tailor-made for fresh and existing ventures alike.

  • Achieve More with Less: Boosted discoverability averages at 39.64 views per day per customer on Google Maps. Maximizing visibility has never been this easy.

Witness the Technological Marvel Experience firsthand the marvel that is our 3D Digital Twin service.

Twin Creeks Dentistry – Allen, TX

Moore Kush House – Moore, OK

Goat House – OKC, OK

The Warehouse by Likewise – OKC, OK

Apothecary Farms – OKC, OK

High Voltage – OKC, OK

Ganja House – OKC, OK

Friendly Market – OKC, OK

Harmony Healing Center – OKC, OK

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