Cannabis Hangout Podcast featuring App creator Wes Cox and wife Lauren Cox

GEMXAPP is our new baby and we got to share it with two of the coolest people in the cannabis industry right now. They are hip, they are quick and you not only want to know them but you also want to be in their presence. Their knowledge of the industry, the products and the love of the plant is intriguing and I would consider them sommeliers of cannabis. I first met Sabah when she as when she was managing living leaf dispensary downtown and I remember leaving feeling so energized and excited about meeting her. She has that contagious energy. Fast forward a couple years later I started noticing her doing more and more in the industry and I knew I wanted to see what she was up to. So I reached out and then she asked me what I have been up to and I told her how my husband was working on a cannabis app and she immediately asked if we wanted to come on and talk about it. We were both so honored and excited to get to share our journeys with mental health, cannabis, the dispensary we have been running the past 6 years, the new herbal infusion cafe Wes started and of course our new most exciting feat GEMX!! SO take a listen and go follow them on Spotify if you like learning about plant medicine and people and their stories. This is what life is all about!

Meet Lauren and Wes. They own Friendly Market dispensaries here in Oklahoma. In this episode, Lauren shares with us what her addiction to Adderall was like and going to rehab, getting sober and allowing her cannabis journey to truly begin. She received her Masters in Addiction Counseling from UCO and they both live a vegan lifestyle with products that reflect that in their stores. Their also opening a cute little cafe in their dispensaries. We talk about how SQ788 originally came on the docket in Oklahoma with Wes’s dad almost going to prison for weed. Tune in, to hear more about their new GemX app that’s going to benefit the cannabis community in lots of different ways.