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Hashapp is a crypto-social platform powered by the blockchain that rewards its members with crypto-payments for engaging on the platform and provides valuable knowledge about medical cannabis and other magical plant-powered therapies.


Providing a safe social network for cannabis enthusiasts and brands

Play-to-Earn (P2E)

Providing innovative Play-to-Earn (P2E) opportunities for brands and members

Creator Accounts

Creators & experts can apply for MAXI accounts and earn crypto for posting quality content

Medical Cannabis

Marketplace to promote deals and drops between brands and members + B2B portal

Plant Magic
Medical Directory

Filling knowledge gaps by connecting medical outcomes to products, strains and healing foods


Offering digital crypto-payments to an industry banned from merchant services


Attainable and accessible benefits of plant-based magic at your fingertips.

  • GEMxAPP’s searchable index of symptoms and conditions have been organized to recommend relevant healing foods from the book “Life-Changing Foods.”

  • Search index by symptom to discover medical cannabis products that have been reviewed by other members to help manage the particular symptom in question.


  • Search index by Condition to discover medical cannabis products that have been reviewed by other members to help manage the particular condition in question.

  • Additional information provided about specific Healing Foods that can be introduced to help manage specific conditions.

Healing Foods

  • Referencing Anthony Williams Medical Medium New York Times Best Selling Books we have organized a searchable index of symptoms an
    conditions that are organized to list all of the recommended “healing foods” that are referenced in his book “Life-Changing Foods.”

  • This is an easy way for anyone suffering from the list of over 500 symptoms and conditions to immediately take their well-being into their own hands.

Preferred Physicians

  • Search Physician Network by price or appointment options (Tele-med, In-office).

  • Read member reviews and book an appointment with your top choice.

Plant Magic Medical Directory

Decoding and unlocking the potential of plant-medicine wellness

  • Search for cannabis and other plant-based methods & solutions by Symptoms, Conditions or the Healing Foods

  • User input is anonymized and stored about the efficacy of certain products to manage specific conditions and this data is used to help others find solutions for similar issues.

Crypto Payment Integrations

Secure in-store cannabis transactions with P2P crypto payments

  • GEMxAPP offers low-cost digital payment options to an industry with limited transaction options for most dispensaries
    outside of cash or point-of-banking.

  • We solve these problem with Peer-to-Peer payments that enable verified members to check out online and pay in-store using GEMxAPP.

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