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An introduction to the GEMxAPP Creator Accounts

We encourage high-quality content creators, experts and thought leaders to apply for creator accounts. They can create and share valuable content which can be monetized through various crypto-micropayment functions.

Crypto-Micropayment Functions

  • Subscriptions

  • In-app Crypto-tipping

  • Enhanced P2E earning opportunities

Creator Account


GEMxAPP Creator accounts have the abilities to stream content, acquire other members to subscribe to their content, get paid for exclusive content, receive crypto-tips and more! All while growing their page.

Video Streaming

As a creator, you can stream content to engage other members.

Offer Subscriptions

Members can subscribe to your page to receive notifications when you post new content.

Set Subscription Pricing

Creators have the ability to make subscriptions free, or to set a price for a member to subscribe.

Earn Tips

Earn tips from other members for being a valuable piece in the community!

Exclusive Content

Creators can mark content as “Exclusive” so that only subscribers can view it.

Create Private Groups

Creators can also create private groups where they can set privacy settings and rules

Applying for Creator Status in the GEMxAPP Community

Upgrade your account to Creator Status by simply applying in the Community App.

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